When the sun goes down.

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Who's that girl there? I wonder what went wrong so that she had to roam the streets. She don't do major credit cards, I doubt she does receipts; it's all not quite legitimate. And what a scummy man, just give him half a chance I bet he'll rob you if he can. Can see it in his eyes that he's got a driving ban amongst some other offences. And I've seen him with girls of the night, and he told Roxanne to put on her red light. They're all infected but he'll be alright, cause he's a scumbag, don't you know?
Although you're trying not to listen; overt your eyes and staring at the ground. She makes a subtle proposition, "I'm sorry love, I'll have to turn you down". He must be up to something, what are the chances, sure it's more than likely. I've got a feeling in my stomach, I start to wonder what he's story might be. They said it changes when the sun goes down, around here.
Look here comes a Ford Mondeo, isn't he Mr. Inconspicuous? And he don't even have to say 'owt; she's in the stance ready to get picked up. Bet she's delighted when she sees him. Pulling in and giving her the eye. Because she must be fucking freezing, scantily clad beneath the clear night sky, it doesn't stop in the winter no. Cause they said it changes when the sun goes down, around here. What a scummy man, give him half a chance I bet he'll rob you if he can. Can see it in his eyes that he's got a nasty plan, I hope you're not involved at all.



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Har ni någon speciell grupp/artist som får er att rysa, vilken låt det än är? Jag lyssnar på så offantligt mycket musik, och så mycket olika artister och band. Men jag tror nog inte att det finns någon som Panda Da Panda trots allt. Alla Pandas låtar, alla Pandas texter, får mig att falla pladask! Den bästa svenska artisten, just sayin'!

Like a boss

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Every teardrop is a waterfall

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Har haft en fantastisk dag. Men måste tillägga; MT FUCKING EDEN HAR SLÄPPT MUSIK PÅ SPOTIFY!!! Detta ögonblicket har jag väntat på så länge nu. Ni anar inte!

Whatever. Ogillar Rihanna. Okej, det lät fel. Jag ogillar inte HENNE, men hennes musik. Tycker dock att hon som person är rätt tung. Hon har stil. Denna videon är så jävla snygg, så jävla snygg!

Rihanna We Found Love from SWEETLady94 on Vimeo.

En miljon nollor

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Spelar på Arena305 i Malmö idag. Droppa gärna förbi och häng, samtidigt som ni kan lyssna på en massa fantastisk musik.

Släpp in solen.

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"The lights are blinding my eyes. Are you unhappy; I'm unhappy too. Your neck smells just like hers did. Do you want someone, are you lonely too, are you? Now it's said and done, so say goodbye to the people we don't know.Go back to sleep, and let's sail away to the beaches of Normandie."
The Shout Out Louds 

Favoriter i repris.

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Lite från den gamla goda tiden. Eller är det bara jag?


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Händer inte mycket & orkar inte berätta något heller! Antar att ni ej bryr er. Ciao


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Lite musiktips såhär på söndags kvällen.
Thin Lizzy - Dancing In The Moonlight
Paolo Nutini - Jenny Don't Be Hasty
Burial - Archangel
AC Slater - Calm Down
One Night Only - Hurricane
Nero - Promises (Skrillex Remix)
Across Five Aprils - A Year From Now
Nirvana - Lake Of Fire
Sia - Breathe Me
Damian Marley - Pimpa's Paradise
The xx - Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix)
Studio Killers - Ode To The Bouncer

And I'm still here, and you're still there. And we're still around.

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